Mint Your Lyrics into NFTs

Protect your Music Compositions with Blockchain

No one wants to have their verses, songs, lyrics, hooks or music intellectual property lost, stolen or used unauthorized. VerseBooks platform enables users to write their lyrics, upload their verses and songs using the VerseBooks platform which mints them into NFTs to prove and protect their ownership. The NFTs can then be licensed, sold, auctioned, staked and traded within our VerseBooks NFT marketplace. Welcome to the power of music + blockchain.

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Who Is VerseBooks For?

Benifits & Advantages

Why VerseBooks?


Join our community of creators such as music artists, producers, DJs, songwriters, labels, and fans.

Protect Your Music

Use our platform to easily mint your lyrics, songs, AudioVerses™ and artwork into smart contracts as NFTs.

Earn VerseCoin (VSC)

Buy, sell, license and trade NFTs in our marketplace and earn VSC, ETH, and WETH from your NFTs.

Virtual Crypto ATM Affiliate

Spend your VerseCoin to become a VCATM affiliate and sell over 20+ cryptocurrencies and earn revenue.

Pre-Order VerseCard

VerseCard which is a physical crypto debit card able to store VSC and 20+ cryptos as a cold storage wallet.

Download VerseWallet

Buy, Spend, Send, and Save your VerseCoin (VSC) and other supported cryptocurrencies with VerseWallet.

Stake VerseCoin (VSC)

Staking is a way of participating in the VerseBooks ecosystem, while simultaneously earning rewards. 

Swap Your VerseCoin (VSC)

Using Uniswap protocols swap your VerseCoin (VSC) for other alt coins or provide liquidity to the pool and earn.

Spend Your VerseCoin (VSC)

Accept VerseCoin (VSC) on your e-commerce website, app, or spend your VSC in our VSC marketplace.

Power UP With Blockchain Smart Contracts NFTs

versebooks is a self-serve nft platform for artists, producers, songwriters, publishing companies, DJs, indie labels as well as major artists and labels.

You can register and mint your music into a NFT on VerseBooks in less than 5 minutes from any device.

So, ready to take your music to a new level?

We know the importance of a great plan. Let us show you our roadmap to building a strong community and token economy.

join the versecoin (vsc) movement

Download VerseWallet Today!

You wanna get into crypto in the music industry, you gotta get you a VerseWallet!

I use my VerseWallet to save my VerseCoin that I earn from licensing my verses. It was the easiest way for me to get into crypto as a music artist that actually made sense beyond all the hype. There are so many new coins and platforms popping up, but to be honest you can’t really do anything with the tokens. I can use my VerseCoins to mint my lyrics and songs into NFTs. This is the newest way to copyright your music compositions with blockchain.